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I wanted to tell you how life changing working with you has been. I came to you with the desire to lose weight but I've gained so much more. I was in a rough place at the start and know it feels like thanks to your help so many things have turned around. I'm more confident in my abilities, I'm less self loathing and I feel as though I've gained the skills to be a healthier and better person. I've looked forward to each and every one of our times to talk. You've been a huge help and I truly can't thank you enough for how much positive change you've made in my life.

I had never really considered the conditions of my daily life before. Everything seemed rather normal and quite boilerplate. It wasn't until Erika and I began chatting, that I realized my daily routines -- regarding my diet, outlook on body image, and nervousness of a healthier lifestyle -- didn't need to be so mundane.

Prior to Erika's help, my diet had no consistency, I was uncertain about what healthy was for me -- and equated it with my weight size -- and was having trouble staying fed and well rested.

Erika helped me find my confidence in areas I was unsure about, such as different means to make a meal, how to stay fed and nourished with a busy schedule, and understanding my health has nothing to do with outside pressure and opinions.

By the end of our sessions, with Erika's very personalized services, I find myself with an abundance of options on how to stay fit and healthy, based on my own body type and biology.

I can't thank Erika enough for revitalizing a passion in my daily routine.

Erika really took the time to understand how she could help me. She took into account my home and work life and helped me devise ways I could make some healthy changes that were easily sustainable. These changes gave me more energy and even helped with concentration. I lost a few pounds by the end of our session, even though this was not my main goal but it was icing on the cake. She is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does!

Change doesn't come easily to a stodgy ol' traditionalist. New ideas are often seen as the fruit of some hippy devil. The problem with that outlook is that it's hard to justify a fear of new ideas if you don't at least try them first. But new things often seem daunting, if not downright impossible. The thought of changing how you live or eat, especially in light of a prohibitively busy schedule, is quickly discarded. But again, you never know unless you try.
I learned quite a few new things from Erika's wellness coaching. Perhaps the biggest thing I got from her is the view that making a few simple changes is easier than you would think. Healthier alternatives in the kitchen, for example, are as easy and affordable as the usual processed foods-in-a-box. I could have titled the coaching "Everything You Wanted to Know about Quinoa But Were Afraid to Ask". I mean, who knew that cooking up a batch of quinoa (keen-wah, not kwin-o-ah: get it right) is as quick and easy as a box of Rice-a-roni? The point is, I would never have considered trying something like quinoa, or lentils, or anything else I would have categorized as non-mainstream. Indeed, there are a lot of ideas I would never have looked at twice.
But food isn't the only place with room, and a need, for change. There are many areas in my life that could use some gentle tweaking, if not outright change. Erika is talented with recognizing these areas, and providing ideas and thoughts as to how to start moving toward some tangible and positive change. Her easy, non-authoritarian encouragement, free of pressure or guilt, makes it easy to work through the information and ideas she presents at my own pace and in my own way. Erika doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness coaching; she recognizes that everyone she engages has individual needs and goals.
So the upshot is, this wasn't about learning specifically what to change. It was about knowing that change isn't so hard. It was about learning that a small change in attitude or outlook can lead to some far-reaching and lasting effects in everyday life.
And the best part is, I don't have to give up bacon.

Erika was able to use the wisdom she gained through her vast experiences to relate to my circumstances. She provided exercises and tools that I found very helpful and was very patient with me. It is obvious that she truly cares about her clients.

I grew up eating fast food... In fact, I can't recall a week that went by from the time I was 13 until I was 35, that I DIDN'T eat fast food; usually multiple times per week. With that being said, I THOUGHT I was healthy, for the most part. I wasn't overweight (I thought), I didn't get sick very often (I thought), and I had plenty of energy (I thought)!

It wasn't until after I went through Erika's health coaching program that I realized that I didn't know what I didn't know. I started with a 2-week gluten elimination from my diet. I am not going to lie, this was a foreign concept to me. Afterall, I basically had to eliminate bread, which meant NO FAST FOOD FOR 2 WEEKS!

I got through the elimination, and then re-introduced gluten and wheat into my diet immediately. The toll that took on my digestive system was significant! I am not allergic to wheat/gluten, but my body certainly doesn't like it! I would never have known this had I not participated in Erika's health coaching program.

The benefits of her coaching program for me include weight-loss (I went from weighing 220 lbs down to 190 lbs in a matter of 2 months!), increased energy levels, better daily focus, and the ability to live my life with purpose and intention. Her coaching program is more than just dietary... It addresses a wide range of vital areas of your life designed to allow you to live at a higher level.

I would strongly encourage you to contact Erika today for your initial consultation to see if her programs are right for you. Maybe you too will learn that you "don't know what you don't know!"

Last summer, I was experiencing some health issues that caused me to consult a doctor on several occasions. After multiple visits with no resolve, Erika recommended her services with Ahisma Wellness. I was at the point where I was willing to try anything, and I am grateful I did.
After the first session of eliminations, I immediately began noticing a change. Erika walked me through each step of her program with great detail. She included assignments, handouts and even recipes that would help the elimination process be that much easier. I went through the program during the holiday season, which seemed a little daunting. Erika reassured me by giving me exciting new recipes to try and even showed me ways to modify my own recipes with just a few changes in ingredients so I could still enjoy my favorite meals!
This experience was very beneficial and it opened my eyes to knowing how foods affect my body. It was fascinating to see that certain foods do actually cause a reaction for me and to be aware of how I feel once I consume them. After completing the program I discovered the cause to my health concerns and even uncovered a few allergies that I wasn’t even aware of.
I would highly recommend Erika’s services to anyone who is interested in learning about food and nutrition to better their lives.

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