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Ecco Bella: Beauty Products with a Heart!

ecco bella lipstic

Do you ever wonder what’s really in your makeup? Usually, once we find a makeup or skincare product that works well for us, we’re hesitant to switch to anything else. But consider this: our skin is our largest organ, and when we put our makeup on or go through our daily skincare routine, the stuff we smear on ourselves still makes it into our bodies. Toxic chemicals, inflammatory fillers and hidden allergens abound in many cosmetic and skincare products on […]

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Meet Ms. Needles: Cathy DiMaggio, Licensed Acupuncturist


What kind of person do you envision being a holistic healer? Waiflike, a vegetarian and yoga practitioner, someone who talks about ethereal, intangible things like “light” and does so in a soft, lilting voice? And long, flowy skirts, right?   An Army veteran in a Harley jacket, Cathy hardly seems like the stereotypical idea of a healer. She’s brusque, thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. And no wonder – Cathy has a Master’s Degree in traditional Chinese medicine from the Colorado School of […]

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