Shout-Out from The Gender Book!

4594594356A couple weeks ago, I answered a question in my “Ask a Health Coach” article for a man who wants to start dressing as a woman. As a resource, I offered a link to The Gender Book. My post was shared with the creators of The Gender Book, who shared my article on their Facebook page and sent me a very lovely note! 


WOW what a great loving way to offer so much support in a time of need! Thank you for using our resource and offering it to so many! If you ever need anything else or want to do a interview on a topic as National Coming out day and Trans Day of remembrance is coming out just let us know!


I’m so honored to be an ally to the trans* community and I was so surprised to see such support from the creators of an amazing book like The Gender Book. If you haven’t read the article I posted, you can catch it here. If you haven’t read The Gender Book, check out their website – you can see many of their creatively illustrated pages for free, download an e-book or purchase a hard copy. No matter your gender identity or expression, I highly recommend everyone take a peek at this book!

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