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Are you consumed by cravings? Maybe you need those sweets to get you through the afternoon or something salty and crunchy to munch on. Not just want. NEED. Or perhaps once you open that bag of candy or chips, you can't stop eating. This kit's for you! You'll learn to understand your cravings, know where they come from, learn how to eat when you're hungry (not just because you're bored) and be able to feed yourself healthy snacks. 


This kit includes: 

  • Explanations of where our cravings come from
  • 10 steps for dealing with sugar addiction
  • A healthy snack list to help you replace junk snacks 
  • Some guidelines on natural sweeteners
  • Ideas for curbing your sugar cravings with sweet vegetables
  • A FREE one-hour health consultation you can use at any point during your program

Price: $17.00

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