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two momsThe first time I saw a product by Two Moms in the Raw, I was at a health food store and intrigued by the package’s claim that it was all organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher. After that first time, I kept seeing those little packages everywhere – in other natural food stores, major grocery stores and even Starbucks.  


My curiosity was further piqued when I got online and did some more research on their product line. I saw their ingredients are germinated, sprouted and soaked – never cooked. I figured it was too great a product line to not recommend to my clients and readers, so I contacted the company and asked if I could try some of their products in exchange for a review. Having done more research on the company and the products (and now tried them!), I can say with absolute confidence that this is an incredible product line.


two moms shariThe company was founded by a Shari, mother of three, who discovered raw foods (in addition to other holistic practices) helped her with her multiple sclerosis. Wanting to entice her family to join her in her raw food journey, she created some treats to get them involved. Her family loved them and so did her friends! Eventually, with the help of her mother, Marsha (the other of the Two Moms), she decided to start selling her products, and the rest is brilliantly successful history!


These products are chock-full of raw, delicious nutrient. As you may already know, raw foods (foods that haven’t been cooked above 118 degrees) have living enzymes our bodies need (which we typically damage or destroy when we cook our food). In addition, while everything is incredibly tasty, you’ll find the lack of additives, preservatives and sugar refreshing! As a mom myself, I can say I’m so happy to have found products that I can feed my little ones, guilt-free and confidently, because I know how healthy these treats are for their growing bodies.


I was fortunate to be able to try the Two Moms cereal, granola bars, nut bars, sea crackers and truffles. They also asked me to try and review some brand new items! Holy moly. Packed with nutrient is great, but everything I tried was honestly delicious and filling (another benefit of raw food).


IMG_2041Sea Crackers – Garden Herb

These delightful crackers are crisp, salty and filled with herbs. I’m obsessed with herbs, so these were right up my alley. Crunchy and savory, they’re the perfect snack when you’ve got a hankering for salty treats. I’ll be honest: I love potato chips, but these crackers might just knock my lifelong favorite snack down a notch. Of course, you won’t find any grease or obnoxious crumbs in this snack. These crackers hold together well and aren’t starchy like traditional crackers. Delightful on their own but also amazing with hummus or any other kind of dip! Note: all the other products contain nuts, but this one does not! I was surprised to see kombu (a type of kelp) listed in the ingredients, but you’d never guess that it just adds a tiny dimension of savory to the deal. You’ve got to try these! (I’m actually munching on them while I write this article!)

Ingredients: flaxseed, garlic, rosemary, oregano, thyme, cardamom, coriander, kombu and sea salt


Granola Bars – Blueberry

Now, I’m usually not a huge fan of granola bars – they’re too full of sugar and processed grains that it’s absurd to call them healthy, even when you make them at home. However, Two Moms has given me a reason to add these to our regular family snacks! They’re extremely hearty – nothing like the granola bars you may be used to. Full of seeds, nuts and tasty little blueberries, they’re perfect for a hike or even a work snack. Toss these in a backpack and go!

Ingredients: groats, agave, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, millet, apples, sesame seeds, flax seeds, pecans, almonds, cinnamon and sea salt


IMG_2039Nut Bar – Blueberry, cranberry and cacao nib (new!)

These nut bars blew my mind. I was worried they’d be too hard, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them soft and chewy (despite being full of raw nuts). The blueberry had a light vanilla flavor. The cranberry was wonderfully tangy. But the cacao nib…oh man. Have you ever had chocolate chip banana bread? This tastes exactly like that. The chocolate taste isn’t overpowering (for those of you who don’t like chocolate), but man is it good. Hearty with a just a little spice along with the cacao – it’s the perfect snack for when you’re craving something mildly sweet. The cacao nib bar is brand new, so get thee to your local Two Moms dealer and snap some up!

Ingredients: almonds, pecans, walnuts, agave, spices, sea salt (and one additional ingredient of the listed fruits or cacao nibs)


IMG_2043Grain-Free Cereal – Plain

This cereal was a total surprise. First of all, I’d never had grain-free cereal before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Second, it was the first cereal I’ve had that will never get soggy. When you pour it, you’ll find what look like pieces of peanut brittle. I tried mine with coconut milk and a sliced banana. It was fantastic! It was crunchy and chewy (a combination I didn’t think possible) with a slight cinnamon nutty flavor, which rounded it out nicely. This is a fantastic cereal with milk (dairy or otherwise), but eating with yogurt would also be great. Personally, I enjoyed it even better dry! Grab a handful and go, or pack it as a post-workout snack!

Ingredients: sunflower seeds, raisins, coconut, banana, fig, chia, almonds, date, walnuts, apples and cinnamon


IMG_2035Truffles – almond butter cacao, green tea vanilla (new!), cayenne cacao (new!)

Buckle up, because these truffles will blow your mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect with these. When I think of truffles, I think of dense chocolates that need to be refrigerated at all times. These are nothing like those. They’re delightful orbs of soft, chewy goodness and you won’t want to stop at one (which is the serving size – there are three in each package). The texture is unique and divine – the nuts in these are chopped fine but still give you a nice density (and also keep you from completely inhaling without chewing).

The almond butter cacao truffle was sweet but not overwhelmingly so. You get a great chocolate flavor but it’s not sugary sweet like candy.

The green tea vanilla truffle I was a bit wary of as I opened the package – those things didn’t seem to go together and I don’t even like green tea. But I was in for a treat because these tasted like an amazing nut-flavored shortbread cookie with a bit more complexity. They would be amazing with coffee. They’re addictive! They taste like something you remember from childhood holidays.

Then we have the cayenne cacao. Typically, sweets with cayenne wind up being too spicy for me to enjoy, but these were nothing like that. The cayenne just gives the chocolate taste a bit more depth. These ones were very indulgent and their flavor reminded me of cinnamon graham crackers or a cinnamon dolce latte. So rich and filling!

Ingredients: (almond butter cacao): almonds, agave, cacao, sea salt – (cayenne cacao): cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and vanilla green bean powder – (green tea vanilla): matcha green tea powder and vanilla green bean powder


I truly cannot say enough great things about everything I tried from the Two Moms in the Raw line. Get some for your kids. Get some for yourself. Want to eat healthier when you need a snack? Stock up on these. And hey – are you celebrating holidays this winter? These truffles are to die for and they’ll make great stocking stuffers. Or hey – grab some as a gift to yourself and enjoy a raw, healthy indulgence!


Order online or find a location near you and stock up!

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