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“Do I really need to use lube? Why should I?” These are questions I commonly hear from folks whenever the subject of lube comes up. Our society likes to perpetuate the idea that you shouldn’t really need lube during sex play – and that’s not true. Hormone fluctuation, stress, diet, trauma, medication and brain disorders can all change how much natural lubrication our bodies need. And then there’s the fact that lube has been shown to amplify levels of pleasure for both hetero and queer sex, regardless of “need.” Wetter is better, folks! It makes vaginal and solo sex feel better, it’s a necessity for great hand or anal sex, and it’s a little-known fact that it can take your oral sex game to the next level! So no matter where you are in your sexual journey, read on for some great ideas for your next adventure!


I was drawn to Sliquid’s product line for two reasons: it’s all natural (and they do have an organic line) and wowza – I’ve never seen such a versatile line before! Remember me talking about a “need” for lube? Whether you think you need it or not, this line has a lube for just about any purpose you can possibly imagine! So I contacted Sliquid for some samples, which they sent in exchange for a review. I have been nothing but floored by this line!


The Sliquid Promise: Our products are always free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol & sulphates…and they’re 100% vegan friendly.


Sliquid was started by Dean Elliott, whose wife had sensitivities to glycerin and many other ingredients you’d find in most drugstore lubricants. So Sliquid was created to be for sensitive women by sensible women. Now, Sliquid has a product line of over 60 items, all of them vegan and female-friendly. It’s all formulated to be entirely sugar and sugar derivative free, which means if you have a vagina, this line will never give you an infection.


Without further ado, it’s my great pleasure (and yours) to introduce you to the Sliquid natural product line! You should know each of the products I sampled are condom-friendly, vegan, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. None of them (even the waterproof one) were greasy at all. They’re all odorless and tasteless. Each of them, I was pleasantly surprised to see, lacks that sticky, tacky sensation most lubes give you. With the exception of the waterproof blend, you can wipe them off your skin without any residue. (The waterproof blend needs to be washed off.) As you read, can you guess which formula is my favorite?



The original water-based formula

This one was very slippery. You can rub it into your skin without any residue left behind, which means you don’t have to keep a towel nearby while using because it won’t leave that awful, sticky sensation on your hands. This one does dry out a little more quickly than some of the others, so keep some nearby to reapply when changing positions or if your natural fluids are running low that day.



Ultra-thick, water-based gel formula

This one’s a lot like H2o, but thicker. This one’s the best option for breast sex, anal play or toy use – it goes on thick and gel-like and stays wet until you’ve used it up. It’s got a lot of longevity, but then wipes off clean. The gel consistency was awesome!



Infused with natural seaweed extracts

This one felt a lot like the H2o, but I love that it’s got healing seaweed extracts in the formula: carrageenan, wakame and nori. These are great for your body, especially the delicate tissues where we use lube. Expect the same fluidity and natural-feeling texture as the H2o, but with a more nourishing purpose.



Made with aloe vera and carrageenan

This one’s actually a daily moisturizer – meaning, whether you’re male or female, this stuff will keep your skin soft and supple. Aloe is an incredibly healing substance and I love when it’s in lube. This is their “just like me” product, designed to emulate your body’s natural lubricants. I’d also recommend this for genital massage (an incredible way to get those tissues aroused for both sexes), because unlike massage oil, this is condom-friendly.



Water and silicone hybrid lubricant

This one was really unique. It’s got the same consistency as the H2o or Sea, but the silicone means it lasts longer (silicone doesn’t absorb into the skin), so this is an awesome choice if you want a water-based lube with some staying power. This is a great choice for marathon sex.



Waterproof, premium concentrated silicone lubricant

I’ve saved my favorite for last! I wouldn’t use this lube every time, but it’s got some surprising benefits. It’s waterproof, which means you can have any kind of sex you like underwater – and I’m telling you, this lube does NOT go away. It stays where you put it and it doesn’t quit working. At all. Ever. So for those of you who like to have sex in the tub (or the shower, a pool, an ocean, or wherever else), you can rest assured this stuff won’t be daunted even in full submersion. But check this out: because of its high silicone content, it’s got some interesting other uses. Do any of you struggle with flyaways while styling your hair? Not anymore! I never blow dry my hair because of how frizzy it gets, but I put a little of this in my hair while it was still wet (you really don’t need much) and I’m not kidding when I say my hair was as silky smooth as when my hairdresser does it. Not only that, but it stayed smooth and perfect for two days without a wash. Amazing! Additionally, for any of you runners, this lube can be applied to nipples and thighs to prevent chafing during a run. Or if you’ve got an affinity for latex gear, this stuff will help you slide into your clothing (and of course, I’m getting a visual of Ross from Friends – that time he bought leather pants, sweated so much he had to take them off in his date’s bathroom, then tried every product in her cabinet to get them back on…all in vain).


Sliquid is one of my favorite product lines because of its strong versatility. As you can see, they really do have something for everyone! In addition, they have a product called Sizzle (it goes on cool but warms with friction), an entire line of sugar-free flavored lubes (Swirl), a sizeable organic lubricant line, a clitoral stimulating gel (O Gel), feminine washes (Splash), intimate shave cream (Smooth) and an impressive line of organic massage oils (Balance).


I know you’ll love Sliquid’s products the way I have. Click the image below to browse their online store. Use my special promo code (AHIMSA10) to get 10% off any order! Enjoy!
Sliquid Intimate Lubricants

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