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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I met Christina, we were attending a yoga class together, and she told me she was a Thai bodywork practitioner. I mentioned I was having a TMJ flare-up and my right jaw was killing me. Immediately, she listed off a number of things that could be causing it (reasons I’d never heard before and had nothing to do with the standard lines you hear from a dentist or physician). I was so impressed with her knowledge and confidence with this issue that I set up a time for her to work on me.


I’d never tried Thai massage before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Unlike a massage you’d get at a spa, Thai massage asks that clients wear comfortable clothing (which stays on) and the sessions take place on a large futon-style mat (not a massage table). Christina found ways to work on my body that have allowed my body to heal in many ways. While my jaw issues still flare up, I have nowhere near the level of pain I used to. She’s worked on several injuries I’ve acquired and every time, the pain is completely gone. I recommend Christina to anyone who’s having pain or just needs to relax because I have come to believe this work is far more effective, long-term, than standard Swedish massage or even chiropractics for injuries.


Christina has been practicing Thai bodywork for five years. She trained at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. When one of her teachers invited her to an introductory Thai bodywork class, she became hooked. Her degree is in music, so she was drawn to a practice that involves movement. “We get so stuck in holding ourselves together, so if we’re trying to be expressive, it’s very important to have the mobility in the joints and have the ability to stay grounded in any activity,” she says.


Thai bodywork is a combination of yoga, massage, chiropractics, acupressure, movement therapy and other techniques. Its main emphasis is in improving circulation in the body, whether that means doing an assisted stretch with a client or manipulating fascia. “It’s similar to having yoga done to you.” When there’s a healthy flow of fluids or energy in the body, the body is able to rid itself of toxins and carry nutrients to different parts of the body that need to heal. “Often when we’re experiencing pain, it’s due to a lack of movement in the body,” she says.


Her work is very grounded in science and can be accessible to anyone, from the spiritual and energetic healing folks to the more pragmatic and fact-based. It’s a very functional practice that allows movement in the ways that we move in our day-to-day lives. “It’s not about what I want to do,” she says. “It’s about what your body needs in this moment and how it functions and how it can feel better. This is a great way for you to become more connected with yourself. You become an integral part of your own healing experience and you take that information back to your daily life.”


Each session with each client is different. A big difference between what she does and traditional massage is that the session is not necessarily about “healing a certain pain.” It’s about finding out how the client’s body moves and responds to touch. If a client were to come in with pain and a practitioner immediately dug into the injured area, the body would naturally want to protect that area, which can result in further damage when a practitioner is not listening to or working with the body on an individual basis.


Christina’s bodywork can help with basic stress reduction and relaxation, prenatal discomfort, injury prevention and healing for athletes, chronic joint and muscle pain, infertility and reproductive pain, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, arthritis and more. Christina’s work can be a great complement, along with seeing a mental health professional, to brain disorders like depression and anxiety. Cancer and surgical patients can benefit from Thai bodywork, as can trauma survivors.


To set up a session with Christina, you can sign up on her website at, call her at 719-422-9642, or email her at She also teaches yoga classes and teaches one of the only acro yoga classes in Colorado Springs. In her spare time, she loves playing and listening to music and being in nature. Take a peek at her site to see what she’s up to and check out her classes!


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