The Holy Grail of Nutritional Shakes: Meet Orgain

orgainYou know how annoying it is to be in need of a protein shake and then be bombarded with the multitude of choices and controversies? It’s impossible to make a choice you feel is the best choice. Soy protein vs. whey vs. rice vs. pea, ad infinitum. GMOs, organics, grass-fed, heated or cold-pressed.


What if you were introduced to a product line that offered protein and nutritional powders, kid’s nutritional shakes, post-workout shakes and vegan shakes? What if you were told everything’s organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free? What if it contained solid amounts of protein in addition to nutrients from fruits and vegetables? And…what if you were told it tastes really, really good?


This is not a drill, folks. I’ve found what I believe to be the best protein and nutritional shake line. Allow me to introduce you to Orgain – a company founded by a man who was diagnosed with cancer and found the “nutritional” drinks offered to him were actually full of things that were bad for him. He decided to make a shake that was good for you, beneficial, made from the best ingredients, and tasted great.


He succeeded.


In fact, that’s how I was originally introduced to Orgain several years ago: my mother, a cancer survivor, began drinking Orgain while she was going through chemo and couldn’t keep much food down. While her doctors encouraged her to drink sugary, highly processed products like Ensure, she looked for something better and found Orgain. She always kept her pantry stocked with them because they were nutrient-packed, low in sugar and tasted great. Fast forward to me raising two young children – one of which was extremely picky. I started looking for a shake that might help me supplement some of her nutrients and I remembered Orgain.


I did more research on it and saw they’d seriously expanded their line. I contacted them to see if our family could sample their products in exchange for a review, and they agreed. I received the organic nutritional shakes, the 25g organic protein shakes, the vegan nutritional shakes, the organic protein powder and the healthy kids organic protein shakes. Of course, my little ones were eager to be shake testers too!


I’ve already said it, but I’ll say it again: you won’t believe how good these things taste. We tried chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, and they were all magnificent. My daughter liked the chocolate best while my son preferred the strawberry. While the kid’s drinks could stand to have a little more protein and a little less sugar, the sugar profile is still considerably lower than the standard drinks and snacks most kids consume – much less than yogurt, fruit juice or soda, and much more filling and nutritious than candy or starchy snacks.


They’re perfect to pack in lunch boxes, take on hikes, or slip in a gym bag for after your workout. Unlike many protein drinks, these ones also contain an impressive profile of vitamins, vegetables, fruits and grains. And unlike most dairy-based protein shakes, these ones come from grass-fed cows.


I love making morning protein shakes with the powder – a bit of coconut milk, two scoops of the chocolate powder, a banana, some peanut butter, and a few ice cubes…and voila! It’s a nutritious, organic protein shake that tastes like a decadent milkshake! Even more impressive, that’s a vegan protein blend that gives you a whopping 21g of protein per serving!


I was thrilled about the vegan nutritional shakes – being dairy-free myself, I finally have the perfect post-workout drink, or a snack between meals.


At the time of researching this product line, their organic meal blend was not yet released, I can’t wait to try it. Previously, I’ve recommended Raw Meal’s nutritional shake powder (which is highly nutrient-dense but has a terrible texture) or Vega (which has a better flavor and consistency, but still contains GMOs), but Orgain’s may rule them all.


While I always recommend getting the bulk of your nutrition from food that you actually eat (versus drinks, powders or pills), it’s always great to know where you can get an awesome protein powder, healthy snacks on the go, or ways to supplement your kids’ nutrition. Be sure to check out their website and connect with them on Facebook for their latest product news!


If you haven’t tried Orgain, I bet you want to now! Sign up below to be entered into a drawing for a FREE case of Orgain nutritional shakes! 

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