Healthy Restaurant Review: Salsa Brava, Briargate (Colorado Springs)



IMG_1626I love Salsa Brava for its fresh, healthy ingredients, its incredibly unique menu and its friendly staff who’s always willing to accommodate any dietary restrictions (watch the video above to hear what the owner has to say about guests with limited diets). I was incredibly excited for the invitation to review the restaurant with Dave in tow.


When you walk into Salsa Brava, be prepared to see lovely, ambient lighting, a cheerful amount of conversational din and lovely guitar in the background. You’ll be seated by a friendly member of the wait staff and provided with delicious chips and salsa. The salsa’s amazing, by the way – just a bit of a kick and a deep, smoky flavor.


A word about their menus: they’ve got so many options for those who are diet-conscious. You canIMG_1611 be sure all their food is prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients, using meat that’s hormone-free and free-range when possible. If you’re gluten-sensitive, there’s an entire gluten-free menu (which has a considerable number of options, including vegetarian). (And a helpful hint to my gluten-free readers: check out Salsa Brava on a Monday night – you’ll get 10% off their gluten-free menu!) You’ll also have the option to see their Paleo/clean-cooked menu, which is divine! Be sure to take a peek at these while you’re visiting!


And to all your runners, check out the details for the running club Salsa Brava has each Tuesday night! I’m not a runner myself, but it sounds like a great deal!


IMG_1621We were thrilled to be seated with Devin, who’s waited on us on some of the other nights we’ve visited. We ordered the tableside guacamole and shrimp ceviche for appetizers. The guacamole was incredible. I’m a huge fan of guacamole and this was the best I’ve ever had – a little kick and a little of the smokiness you’ll find in their salsa and super creamy avocados with some crisp, ripe tomatoes mixed in at the very end. And it’s fun to watch them make! I’ll admit I’m not a seafood fan at all, which is why I was floored by their ceviche. Amazingly fresh-tasting with not even a hint of the “fishy” taste I fear in many seafood dishes. It was chock-full of fresh veggies and shrimp with a delightful tang of lime in every bite. And for those of you who are corn-sensitive or low-carb, order their red pepper slices from their clean-cooked menu – their salsa, guacamole and ceviche were just as delicious on the peppers as they were on the chips.


IMG_1630For entrees, I ordered my favorite dish: all-natural chicken tacos from the gluten-free menu, which comes with black beans, cilantro lime rice and an assortment of veggie toppings. Dave ordered the Fajita Magnifico.


The chicken tacos were superb, as always, with light, soft corn tortillas wrapping the tender and flavorful chicken. I adore their fluffy, cilantro lime rice as an accent to the meal. Personally, I like to mix some of their pico de gallo in with my rice and a little of their main salsa in with the beans for some extra kick!


IMG_1638However, I may be changing my “favorite” item, because the Fajita Magnifico Dave ordered blew my mind! It came with chipotle-spiced ribs, which are slow-cooked 12-13 hours then grilled to make them just a little crispy on the outside; Cajun shrimp, which were incredibly flavorful and unique – I’ve never had anything like them – they were so juicy and tender on the inside and like the ribs, just a little crispy on the outside; and marinated chicken that seemed to have the same delicious spice that the chicken in my tacos had. Absolutely unbelievable and highly recommended! I can guarantee you’ve never had fajitas like this before!


IMG_1640Dave tried a couple items I couldn’t, so I’ll provide his review of the Tequila Mockingbird drink and the Housemade Flan. He said the drink was delicious – sweet, had excellent flavor and was very smooth – and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t typically enjoy mixed drinks. He’d never tried flan before, but after tasting the flan here, he’s obsessed with it! He said it was amazingly creamy and had just the right amount of sweet that was balanced by the unique, tangy sauce that accompanied it.


IMG_1643Our evening with Salsa Brava couldn’t have been more impressive – as always, the staff was attentive, helpful and friendly, the food was amazing, and best of all, with my dietary restrictions, I knew the management and knowledgeable kitchen staff would take excellent care of me.


IMG_1649So, readers, Randy Price (owner of Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group, which includes Salsa Brava) has generously offered an exclusive offer JUST for my readers! Click the image below to redeem your own coupon for 10% off your next meal at Salsa Brava! Take your partner, take your kids, take your friends or have a party there – you’ll be treated well and get excellent food you can feel great about eating! I also encourage you to check out their Facebook page for the latest updates!


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    Great review and a well written article!

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