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ecco bella logoDo you ever wonder what’s really in your makeup? Usually, once we find a makeup or skincare product that works well for us, we’re hesitant to switch to anything else. But consider this: our skin is our largest organ, and when we put our makeup on or go through our daily skincare routine, the stuff we smear on ourselves still makes it into our bodies. Toxic chemicals, inflammatory fillers and hidden allergens abound in many cosmetic and skincare products on the market. Did you know there’s gluten in many makeup products?


Because of this, when I found Ecco Bella’s line, I was so excited to try it out! Their company was founded by a woman who was disgusted by animal testing in the cosmetic industry. She aimed not only to create products that were all natural, but incorporated nutraceuticals as well. This means their products – from cosmetics to skincare to body products – are packed full of nutrients. So, not only are they lacking the toxic chemicals many companies rely on, but their products actually feed your skin! Their products are naturally preserved, gluten-free and many are vegan.


ecco bella eye nutrients creamI asked Ecco Bella to sponsor my review by sending me a couple of products to try, and they generously let me choose a couple items from their online store. I chose the Natural Eye Nutrients Cream ($34) and the FlowerColor Lipstick in Mauve Rose ($17.95).


I chose the eye cream to fight signs of aging and keep my eye area moisturized. Its largest ingredient is aloe, which is such an incredible healing agent. The first thing I loved about this stuff was its bottle – you know how lots of eye cream or pump-type bottles seem designed to give you way too much? This bottle gives you more control, so you don’t ever waste it. I used this product for about a month and I loved how smoothly it went on. It never felt greasy and in the mornings, the skin around my eyes was blissfully moisturized. Even after a month, I barely made a dent in my supply of this stuff – it’s so reasonably priced, great for your skin and will last a long time!


ecco bella lipsticI love a good lipstick, and I’m pretty picky. I also have naturally dry lips, so anything that winds up getting cakey or flaky doesn’t work for me. I love a good, creamy lipstick that has decent staying power. I was pretty impressed by their FlowerColor Lipstick. Their website claims this stuff goes on like a lip balm but stays like a lipstick, and they’re right! It’s creamy but not so much that you don’t have control while applying it, it stays on very well (I only have to reapply once per day) and it doesn’t get flaky or dry! It’s now my favorite lipstick!


I loved these products and can’t wait to try more! And consider them for holiday gifts – their prices are wonderfully reasonable and so great for your body! Be sure to like their Facebook page and check out their website to see all their amazing products! First time visitors get a 10% off coupon!

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