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l condomsI often hear complaints from women who like the idea of condoms, but worry about the contents of the lube or the rubber itself. These fears are not unfounded: most lubricants found on condoms contain glycerin and parabens, substances we know to be unhealthy and irritating to many people. Some people have allergies to latex, and there can be some other dangers: the lubricant that comes on most condoms is corn-based, which makes it dangerous for people with corn allergies. And if you’re vegan or casein-allergic, you might want to know that most condoms are made with casein, the protein found in dairy.

There are two reasons I wanted to sample L. Condoms.

1. Their latex is vegan-friendly, triple-tested and high-quality. There are no harmful ingredients in their lubricant, which makes it much more female-friendly than the standard brands out there. (Might this be because the company is female-founded?)
2. Their company has a massive cause behind it: for every condom purchased, L. sends one to parts Africa or other countries that are at highest risk of HIV/AIDs transmission. You can read more about their amazing movement here.

In exchange for a review on my site, L. agreed to send me a sample package of their favorite condoms. Note: I would never recommend a product to my readers that I didn’t believe in myself.

I sampled one of everything: the Classic, Ultra Thin, Do {each other} Good, and Large. I loved how thin the latex was – so much thinner than brands like Trojan. The Classic and Large were essentially the same condom with different sizes. The Ultra Thin is just a touch slimmer than the Classic, both of which are already considerably thinner than competitors. The Do {each other} Good has a textured surface, which is fantastic for ladies! This was my favorite. According to the men who tested these out for me, these do tend to run a bit on the snug side, so if you or your man are girthy, look into the Large.

The lube on the condoms was wonderfully non-irritating – if you’re normally sensitive to lube, these are fantastic! However, if you don’t lubricate well on your own, I recommend having some condom-friendly lube on hand, as the lube on these condoms tends to dry out a little more quickly than other brands.

Overall, L. Condoms have a great, reliable product, wonderful ingredients, and are part of a movement to which we can all feel proud to contribute. They even offer free shipping for all orders over $10 and a nifty one-hour delivery option.

Make sure you check out their website to shop and learn more about their product line and mission. Connect with them on their Facebook page for specials and announcements! And most of all, with Valentine’s Day coming up, you might want to look into their “L. + Tcho Set” – it includes six Ultra Thin condoms, six best-selling flavors of Tcho chocolate, and an awesome wristband.

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