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The Holy Grail of Nutritional Shakes: Meet Orgain


You know how annoying it is to be in need of a protein shake and then be bombarded with the multitude of choices and controversies? It’s impossible to make a choice you feel is the best choice. Soy protein vs. whey vs. rice vs. pea, ad infinitum. GMOs, organics, grass-fed, heated or cold-pressed.   What if you were introduced to a product line that offered protein and nutritional powders, kid’s nutritional shakes, post-workout shakes and vegan shakes? What if you […]

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Condoms for a Cause: L. Condoms

l condoms

I often hear complaints from women who like the idea of condoms, but worry about the contents of the lube or the rubber itself. These fears are not unfounded: most lubricants found on condoms contain glycerin and parabens, substances we know to be unhealthy and irritating to many people. Some people have allergies to latex, and there can be some other dangers: the lubricant that comes on most condoms is corn-based, which makes it dangerous for people with corn allergies. […]

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Ecco Bella: Beauty Products with a Heart!

ecco bella lipstic

Do you ever wonder what’s really in your makeup? Usually, once we find a makeup or skincare product that works well for us, we’re hesitant to switch to anything else. But consider this: our skin is our largest organ, and when we put our makeup on or go through our daily skincare routine, the stuff we smear on ourselves still makes it into our bodies. Toxic chemicals, inflammatory fillers and hidden allergens abound in many cosmetic and skincare products on […]

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Product Review: Sliquid Natural Intimate Lubricants


  “Do I really need to use lube? Why should I?” These are questions I commonly hear from folks whenever the subject of lube comes up. Our society likes to perpetuate the idea that you shouldn’t really need lube during sex play – and that’s not true. Hormone fluctuation, stress, diet, trauma, medication and brain disorders can all change how much natural lubrication our bodies need. And then there’s the fact that lube has been shown to amplify levels of […]

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Product Review: Two Moms in the Raw

two moms

The first time I saw a product by Two Moms in the Raw, I was at a health food store and intrigued by the package’s claim that it was all organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher. After that first time, I kept seeing those little packages everywhere – in other natural food stores, major grocery stores and even Starbucks.     My curiosity was further piqued when I got online and did some more research on their product line. […]

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Product Review – Yes Organic Personal Lubricant


  We spend so much time worried about the things that go into our bodies. We look for GMOs, pesticides and high fructose corn syrup. We make sure our produce is organic, our animal products hormone-free and our home cleaning products as chemical-free as possible. But what about…down there? When we use items like condoms and personal lubricant, we don’t tend to consider what’s in it – after all, did anyone ever tell us to scan the ingredient labels on […]

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