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Healthy Restaurant Review: Seeds Community Cafe


  You walk toward a restaurant tucked between two large buildings, the walls around you painted with lovely images of flowers and produce. You reach a small, covered patio, each small table dotted with fresh flowers, with a mural that represents local, organic farming painted on the wall to your right. To your left, you glance into the brightly lit, warm interior of Seeds Community Café.   Smiling. Everyone in there is smiling and laughing.   Before you reach the […]

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Healthy Restaurant Review: Ola Juice Bar


    The first time I went to Ola Juice Bar, it was almost by accident – I stumbled upon it. I met the owner, Nissa Wecks, and was impressed that their menu was entirely plant-based: no meat or animal products, no dairy, no eggs. Because I’m intolerant to dairy and eggs, I was pretty excited about this. I tried their build-your-own oatmeal bowl and was blown away at how fresh and filling everything was. Thus began my love affair […]

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Healthy Restaurant Review: Salsa Brava, Briargate (Colorado Springs)


    I love Salsa Brava for its fresh, healthy ingredients, its incredibly unique menu and its friendly staff who’s always willing to accommodate any dietary restrictions (watch the video above to hear what the owner has to say about guests with limited diets). I was incredibly excited for the invitation to review the restaurant with Dave in tow.   When you walk into Salsa Brava, be prepared to see lovely, ambient lighting, a cheerful amount of conversational din and […]

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