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Ask a Health Coach: “I’m a woman with endometriosis. How can I enjoy sex while living with this pain?”


  “I’m a woman with endometriosis and my husband is well-endowed. Sometimes certain positions can be pretty painful. How do I say something without killing the mood? And how can I enjoy sex while living with this pain?” – Tired Of Painful Sex   TOPS, your condition is heartbreakingly common. According to Cleveland Clinic, around 5.5 million women in America suffer from endometriosis. For readers who aren’t familiar with this disease, let’s have a little lesson.   What is it? Endometriosis […]

Ask a Health Coach: “What’s the best way to treat a sunburn?”


  “What’s the best way to treat a sunburn? All these outdoor concerts and festivals under the Colorado sun are starting to take their toll.” – Well-Done   I sympathize with you. I really do. If you take a peek at my headshot, you may notice my skin tone doesn’t allow me to get too friendly with the harsh sunlight we get at this altitude. First the stinging, then the unsightly, snake-like skin peeling. Who needs it, amirite??   Here’s the […]

Ask a Health Coach: “Can the low-FODMAP diet help my digestive problems?”


  “I heard that a low-FODMAP diet might be able to help with my digestive issues. What is the low-FODMAP diet and how can I try it?” – Grumpy Guts Grumpy, let’s talk a bit about the different kinds of digestive issues many people have, what the low-FODMAP diet is and how many folks find it helps ease digestive discomfort with conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. What does IBS look like, anyway? I always imagine commercials I’ve seen that involve women holding their abdomens and “angry” cartoon […]

Ask a Health Coach: “How can I increase sensitivity with condom use?”


“I’m a straight male and my girlfriend and I use condoms, but I’m not getting enough sensation. What do I do?” – (Un)comfortably Numb  Numb, this is certainly not an uncommon complaint from men who use condoms. However, there are many reasons a couple would need them: if you’re unsure of the sexual health of your partner, if you have multiple partners, to decrease sensitivity, or, if it’s simply a necessary part of your contraceptive practice. As most men who’ve experimented […]

Ask a Health Coach: “How can I get myself more interested in sex?”


“How can I get myself more interested in sex? I feel I’m never in the mood anymore.” – Not Feeling It   Not Feeling It, your question was a common theme in many of the questions I saw – so please, don’t feel alone. Regardless of age or sex, most people experience a noticeable dip in libido at some point. Let’s explore some solid reasons your sex drive can falter and some pro tips to get it back where you […]

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